Cadbury Plays Ball With Kraft; Spinach Recalled For Salmonella

• Last weekend’s Common Threads benefit cookout raised over $30,000 to provide culinary and nutritional education to children. [BizBash]

• Cadbury is pressuring Kraft Foods to make a better bid if it wants the two companies to merge. [WSJ]

• A California grower has recalled over 1,000 cases of spinach after salmonella was found during routine testing. [LA Times]

• Somalia is facing its worst food crisis since the famine 18 years ago, thanks to a combination of drought and political instability. [AFP]

• A new study questions the idea that people turn to comfort foods in times of instability; showing instead that comforting foods tend to be eaten during comfortable times. [Science Daily]

• Organics purveyors in Britain are trying to find ways to revive recession-based flagging sales. [BBC]

• By continuing to raise prices while lowering production costs, name-brand foods in the U.S are better competing with store brands. [Market Watch]

• A restaurant that opened in Moscow this summer has been forced to change its name from Anti-Soviet to Soviet to avoid offending veterans. [NYDN]

• Canada limits food companies to five possible advertising claims, while the U.S. allows around 27. [Calgary Herald]

Cadbury Plays Ball With Kraft; Spinach Recalled For Salmonella