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Where Should Celebrities Eat?

Gyllenspoon: Try Osteria's pizza!
Gyllenspoon: Try Osteria’s pizza! Photo: Osteria

Once again, Gyllenspoon was spotted at a Stephen Starr restaurant - last night the pair ventured to Morimoto, while co-star Owen Wilson was spied at Parc last week. While we had high hopes for Gyllenspoon moving off of the well-trod Rittenhouse circuit when they brunched at Sabrina’s, we’re disappointed that they haven’t ventured out of the Starr galaxy more. Clearly, they need our help. Here’s our picks for where these famous folks should dine in Philly, in case they want to expand their horizons.

What are the criteria? Appealing food, drink and atmosphere, plus privacy options. Sorry, tiny BYOBs!

We’re sure the Vetri/Benjamin crew could find a low-key table in one of the private rooms for famous people.

The 13th Street branch has a quiet upstairs nook and small portions for weight-conscious movie stars.

The Lounge at XIX
Great view and mostly inaccessible to our lone paparazzo.

Silk City’s Beer Garden
Spacious enough to give them privacy, yet also romantic for Gyllenspoon and fun for bachelor Owen.

The downstairs area is so secluded, it’s easy to forget about.

The Franklin Fountain
Kid-friendly for Reese’s children and thoroughly Philadelphian

Capogiro Gelato
The University City location, so they can take advantage of the cocktails.

What do you think of our picks? What did me miss? Let us know and add your own in the comments…

Where Should Celebrities Eat?