Next Food Network Star’s Debbie Lee Bringing ‘Seoul-ful’ Menu to Gyenari

Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

Debbie Lee has cooked-up a “Seoul-ful Menu” for Culver City’s Gyenari, debuting September 1st. Lee was booted from The Next Food Network Star last month but gained fans locally when she rocked her own one-night pop-up at BreadBar in June. Lee is of Korean heritage and was raised in in The South, so her menu reflects family recipes with a honky-tonk twist. Part of the family affair is Gyenari co-owner William Shin, Lee’s cousin who got her involved. In addition to sesame shrimp tempura po’boys, galbee pot pie, and bulgogi sliders, she is fusing Korean food with Japanese bento boxes for take-out. No menu has hit the street yet, but Lee is promising pan-seared pork chops with Fuji apple gravy, smoked bacon-wrapped rice rolls, egg batter-fried beef patties stuffed with lotus root, and a K-Town torta with galbee that Kogi must be kicking themselves for not inventing. So far sounds pretty good. Could this be our next fusion grand-slam?

Next Food Network Star’s Debbie Lee Bringing ‘Seoul-ful’ Menu to