What to Eat This Afternoon at the Publican

This counts as an afternoon snack.
This counts as an afternoon snack. Photo: Helen Rosner

Finding yourself with your afternoons suddenly free generally means you’ve either won the lottery or — in Our Current Economy — that you’ve been laid off. It’s tragic, of course, but there’s an upside to be found in The Publican’s new afternoon menu. It’s an edited selection of offerings that includes some main-menu greatest hits (oysters, ham, the uncannily addictive farm chicken), as well as one extra-special bonus dish available only on weekdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m.: the lamb pastrami sandwich. This beautiful monster is made from Swan Creek Farm lamb that’s been cured and peppered, piled high banh-mi style with daikon radish, mint, cilantro, and a fiery aioli. It runs ten bucks, and it’s almost worth getting laid off for. Read on to discover the complete Afternoon Menu.

The Publican’s Afternoon Menu
3:30-5:30 p.m.

Kumamoto - Oakland, Washington - $3.00 each
Coromandel - Auckland, New Zealand - $3 each
Kusshi - British Columbia, Canada - $3 each
Watch Hill - Rhode Island - $2.50 each
Pemaquid - Pemaquid River, Maine - $3.50 each
Blackberry Point - P.E.I., Canada - $3.00 each
Malpeque - P.E.I., Canada - $3.50 each

Chef selection: 6/$15; 15/$30

Served with goat butter and peasant bread
Serrano - Valencia, Spain - $21
La Quercia Rossa - Norwalk, Iowa - $18
Col. Bill Newsom’s Country Ham - Princeton, Kentucky - $19
Taste of three hams $19

Spicy Pork Rinds - Slagel Family Farm, Forest, Illinois - $5
Frites - $5 - With George’s Organic Egg - $7
Organic Hannah’s bretzel - Bavarian Mustard - $5
Lamb Pastrami Sandwich - Swan Creek Farm, North Adams, Michigan - Spicy Aioli, Daikon Radish, Mint & Cilantro - $10
Bouchon Mussels - Stonington, Maine - gueuze, bay, celery, butter & garlic - $18
Charcuterie Plate - pork pie, smoked trotter terrine, head cheese, morteau sausage, pickles & mustards - $20
Farm Chicken - Swan Creek Farm, North Adams, Michigan - half chicken with summer sausage and frites - $21

Marisa (sheep) - Carr Valley Cheese Co, LaValle, Wisconsin - $5
Little Darling (cow) - Fayette Creamery, Darlington, Wisconsin - $5
Marieke Gouda (cow) - Holland’s Familiy Farm, Therp, Wisconsin - $6
Polkston Corners (cow) - Grass Field Cheese Co, Cooperville, Michigan - $7
Roquefort Cosee Noir de Gabriel Coulet (sheep) - France - $8
Little Bloom on the Prairie (goat) - Prairie Fruit Farm, Champaign, Illinois, $8

What to Eat This Afternoon at the Publican