What to Eat from Patina’s Tomato Tour Menus

Photo: Patina Group

To celebrate summer’s harvest, Joachim Splichal’s Patina Group has developed tomato-centric menus at each of their esteemed restaurants on both coasts. A near rainbow of tomato varieties from an Oxnard farm will find their way into every menu item from a warm lobster salad with “tomato air” at Patina to tomato sorbet at Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse. Take a look at the L.A.-area menus and make reservations directly with the restaurants at the number’s we’ve provided if you want to get your share before Patina eliminates their ripe bounty.

Patina 213-972-3331


Grilled octopus 16.
Tomate au sel, onaway potato, blackberry essence

Tomato and melon tartar 18.
Cured kobe beef, black bread


Salt-crusted Baked Santa Barbara Prawn, BLTA 22.

Warm lobster salad 24.
Sesame-ginger, barbecued corn sorbet, tomato air

Grilled Honjake salmon 32.
Blistered baby heirloom tomato, saffron emulsion lemon basil

Kendall’s Brasserie 213-972-7322


Tomato martini 12.
Heirloom tomato gelée, watermelon sorbet

Chilled tomato gazpacho 10.

Tomato and seafood salad 16.
Blistered heirloom tomato, butter lettuce, grilled calamari, mussels, rock shrimp


Tomato farcies 14.
Pork and beef stuffed tomato, garlic, parsley, bread crumbs

Grilled pork loin 22.
Oven-dried heirloom tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, goat cheese gratin, coulis

Cafe Pinot 213-239-6500


Yellow tomato gazpacho 10.
Petit cilantro, cucumber strings

King crab legs and tomato gelée 14.
Tomato confit salad, star anisé, avocado mousse


Halibut poached in olive oil infused with tomato vines 29.
Tomato fondue, sautéed arugula

Roasted Jidori chicken 21.
Tomato jam, zucchini tian, teardrop tomatoes

Duo of Lamb 26.
Roasted loin and braised shank, slow roasted tomato with basil and garlic, crispy polenta cake

Nick and Stef’s 213-680-0330


Sliced heirloom tomatoes 9.
Grilled pineapple relish, banyuls vinegar


Baked Alaskan ling cod 27.
Caramelized onion, tomato tart, picholine olives, soft herb salad

Shelton Farms chicken breast 16.
Tomato gnocchi, wilted spinach, toasted garlic, thyme

Grilled hangar steak 29.
Japanese tomatoes, zucchini, basil


Tomato sorbet 6.
Mint fresh berries

Zucca Ristorante 213-614-7800


Bruschetta 10.
Green tomato relish and goat cheese

Roasted heirloom tomato and eggplant tower 14.
Fresh mozzarella, asiago cheese


Zest ricotta ravioli 20.
Heirloom tomato coulis, crispy arugula, ricotta salata

Pan-seared branzino filet 26.
Roasted heirloom tomato water, green garlic, taggiasca olive, broccolini

Heirloom tomato sorbet 8.

Pinot Bistro 213-614-7800


Tomato carpaccio 12.
Brandywine heirlooms, burrata cheese, micro basil, white balsamic

Golden heirloom gazpacho 10.
Watermelon, basil oil, garlic-black pepper croutons


Tuna “niçoise” 27.
Seared albacore, melted cherry tomatoes, roasted zucchini, olive tapenade,
fingerling potatoes

Grilled leg of lamb 27.
Ratatouille stuffed tomato, grand-mère potatoes, lamb jus


Black plum tomato tart 10.
Fromage blanc ice cream, port wine reduction

What to Eat from Patina’s Tomato Tour Menus