What to Eat at Will Goldfarb’s Picnick Smoked, Now Serving Kobe Brisket

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Following a tip from Flo Fab, we’re just back from the new barbecue truck manned by Picnick’s Will Goldfarb and former Thor and 5 Ninth chef Kevin Pomplun. As Bobby Flay would say, these guys are smokin’ out of the gate. On their first day in business, they’re serving a Kobe beef brisket and pulled Heritage pork, both brined for 48 hours and then smoked for 12 to 15 hours in batches of 50 to 100 at their Brooklyn commissary, and a Bobo Farms half chicken that’s brined for eight hours and smoked for two or three. The cuts are served with toasted baguettes, and you can slather on barbecue sauce (containing five types of chiles) that Pomplun designed to be a happy medium between sweet sauce and vinegar sauce. The team tells us they’ll soon serve breakfast (there were some pastries on the cart, though they were barely noticed), as well as daily specials such as smoked lobster, swordfish, pork chops, artisanal sausages, salmon, and prime rib — plus, once the electricity is at full power, liquid nitrogen milk shakes. Here’s a closer look at the truck on this sun-drenched day, and today’s menu.

Pulled Heritage pork - $6.50
Kobe brisket - $8.50
Half a smoked chicken - $7.50

Sides - $3
Potato salad (with dill sour cream)
Picnick slaw
Iceberg wedge (with blue cheese)
Seasonal pickled veggies

Dessert - $4
Cookies (take two and call us in the morning)
New York–style cheesecake
Hudson Valley apple tart
Wholesome milk shake du jour

Drinks - $2.50
Natural sodas
Fresh-squeezed lemonade
Sun tea
Spring water
La Colombe coffee - $2

Meal Deals
Picnick Express (meat + drink) - $9
Picnick Deuce (meat + side + drink) - $11
Picnick Lil’ Piggy (meat + side + drink + dessert) - $14

Picnick Smoked, Wall Street Park, Wall St. nr. Water St.

What to Eat at Will Goldfarb’s Picnick Smoked, Now Serving Kobe Brisket