The Other Critics

What They’re Saying About Julie and Julia

Photo: Courtesy Paramount (left) and Hulton Archive / Getty Images

With the debut of Julie and Julia today, we present a special edition of The Other Critics. In honor of such a foodie-themed movie, today’s Other Critics refers to film critics instead of food. Check out what the Bay Area’s film buffs are saying about Nora Ephron’s latest project.

• Mick LaSalle calls the movie “delightful” but then goes on to qualify that as really just referring to “the Julia part.” He writes, “Child is a burst of joy, while Powell, as played by Amy Adams, is a churlish, ambition-driven opportunist.” [SF Gate]

• Charlie McCollum is a little more general in his criticism, but also really liked the film. “There are flaws in the way Ephron has concocted the recipe, but only a true food snob would complain.” [San Jose Mercury News]

• Anita Katz was not impressed with the film, calling it “It’s bland and blah.” But she still fell for Meryl Streep’s “marvel capabilities.” [Sf Examiner]

• Robert Wilonsky likes the half of the film that deals with Julia Child, but skewers the Julie Powell half as, “Bridget Jones doused in Béarnaise sauce and vodka gimlets.” Ouch. [SF Weekly]

What They’re Saying About Julie and Julia