Vetri Says Thanks-But-No-Thanks-Right-Now to New York

Chef Marc Vetri
Chef Marc Vetri Photo: Vetri

New York-based publication Metromix asked some of New York’s top chefs which out-of-town chefs they’d like to see open a restaurant in New York. Joey Campanaro, a Philly native and chef of Little Owl, says he’d love to see Marc Vetri, chef-owner of Vetri, Osteria and the upcoming Amis, open up a spot in New York. We asked Marc Vetri for a response - would he ever consider trading in the City of Brotherly Love for the Big Apple?

Vetri responded via email:

“That’s very flattering, we would love to do a restaurant in NY, but right now we are fully concentrated on Amis. I would never rule it out, I love NY, I just love Philly more!”

So there you have it. Not ruled out entirely, but his heart is in the right place.

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Vetri Says Thanks-But-No-Thanks-Right-Now to New York