Vendy Dessert-Truck Nominees Revealed

If this summer was anything beyond the Summer of Death, it was the summer of trucks. Hardly a corner was left uninhabited. Last year, the Vendy Awards created a separate category for dessert trucks, and Kim Ima’s Treats Truck won. This year, competition promises to be stiffer. (So does judging — the panel includes Pichet Ong and Jacques Torres.)

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck - Doug Quint (with Bryan Petroff)
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Location: Varies, check their Twitter (@biggayicecream) and website (
“Doug’s soft serve is anything but vanilla. Big Gay Ice Cream Truck has a unique and always-changing menu of toppings like curried coconut, wasabi pea dust, trix, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. And really all I can say is Choinkwich: Yummy caramelized bacon, soft serve chocolate ice cream between two cartwheel cookies. Best ice cream sandwich ever.”

Wafels & Dinges - Thomas DeGeest
Location: Varies, check their Twitter (@waffletruck) and website (
“The waffles have an absolutely fantastic flavor, just like the ones in Belgium! Their add-ons - nutella and pulled pork! - are great, although I don’t always get them because the waffles are delicious by themselves. I’m nominating Wafels & Dinges for SO many reasons - but, mostly because they’re educating Americans one ‘wafel’ at a time’.”

Cupcake Stop - Lev Ekster
Location: Varies, check their Twitter (@cupcakestop) and website (
“As a Southerner I speak with authority when I say this Yankee vendor consistently produces top-notch Red Velvet. It’s like finding creamy grits north of the Mason Dixon line!! The constant introduction and rotation of cupcake flavors creates not just a product to be sold but an experience - every morning I check to see what new surprises have been baked overnight. Thank you for making my work life bearable, and giving me a reason to sneak away from my desk for 20 minutes of sunlight and sugar.”

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Vendy Dessert-Truck Nominees Revealed