‘Urban Sharecropping’ in Brooklyn; Cipriani Hit With Another Lawsuit

• Some Brooklyn homeowners are turning their backyards over to farmers in what’s being described as “urban sharecropping.” [Brooklyn Paper]

• Attention Kogi enthusiasts: Jersey City now has its very own Korean barbecue truck. [Serious Eats New York]

• Frank Bruni’s diet secret: exercise and moderation. [Men’s Health]

• The new Upper West Side Whole Foods will contain a wine store, the chain’s only one in the city. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• The Ciprianis have been hit with yet another lawsuit, this time from a former worker seeking overtime pay. [Cityfile]

• Susie Essman ribbed Jeffrey Chodorow at a recent Sag Harbor comedy show for bringing a “younger shiksa” as his date. It turns out, the woman is his wife. [NYP]

• More and more parents are getting fed up with ice-cream trucks, citing everything from health concerns to annoying jingles. [NYT]

• The little girl who was fined for selling lemonade was back in business yesterday, with the NYC Parks commissioner buying a few cups. [NYP]

• The 48th-floor restaurant at the Marriott Marquis is the only skyscraper-top restaurant left in Manhattan. [NYO]

Industria Argentina chef Natalia Machado is working on a cookbook. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• In spite of the recession, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Subway all expanded their New York City presence in the past year. [City Room/NYT]

• Hardee’s and Carl Jr. are trying to lure customers away from McDonald’s with new Angus burgers. [WSJ]

• Fort Greene’s Amin was robbed of cases of wine. [Brooklyn Paper]

‘Urban Sharecropping’ in Brooklyn; Cipriani Hit With Another Lawsuit