Tuttimelon Opens in Noe Valley With Free Yogurt

Photo: Courtesy of Tuttimelon

Way back in October, Tuttimelon supposedly opened in a shop whose signage still read “Belgano.” They told everybody they were open (and indeed, they opened the doors and let the public come in), but they still had “coming soon” signs over the menu and they didn’t serve yogurt. Only, as a commenter on Noe Valley SF noted, “chocolate, mushy looking gelato, and cupcakes.”

Counter staff notoriously told customers they would start serving ice cream next month. Then next month. Then next month again. When NVSF checked back in January there was little progress. Same service, same food, same “coming soon” signs. Now, more than nine months later, they’re finally actually opening. They’ve hung up a new banner (“Grand Opening!”) and will be giving away free yogurt between noon and 2 p.m. on Saturday. Also, the first 50 people at the door will get a prize, and the first 500 people will be entered in a raffle. According to NVSF, “No word if the first 500 from last year are eligible (the counter help didn’t know).”

Grand Opening: Tuttimelon. Again. [Noe Valley SF]

Tuttimelon Opens in Noe Valley With Free Yogurt