The Dark Side Of Cheap Lobster; Starbucks Raises Prices

• Plummeting lobster prices might be great for consumers, but they’re leaving fishermen, wholesalers, and retailers without reliable income. [WBZTV]

• In further support of small farmers, Obama wants set up a farmer’s market outside the White House. [Grist]

• Ratings for the Food Network jumped to record levels this summer maybe because “fresh ingredients more widely available and more people are trying to re-create restaurant dishes at home,” says network president Brooke Johnson. But the article thinks people are sad about real estate and comforting themselves with food shows. [Bloomberg]

• Starbucks is raising the price of hard-to-make drinks like frappacinos by as much as 30 cents, but will cut prices on simple cups of joe. [NYP]

• To save wine from global warming, chefs and wine industry folks in France “ published an op-ed in the newspaper Le Monde calling on President Nicolas Sarkozy to ensure that strict targets on carbon emissions be adopted at the UN climate summit this December” [Gourmet]

• Taco Bell’s “new a.m. menu will feature Jimmy Dean sausage, Seattle’s Best coffee, Dole produce and Cinnabon alongside its signature chalupas, gorditas and double-decker tacos.” [NYDN]

• Kid’s menus feature most of the fried and unhealthy foods they did four years ago, even though more parents seem interested in healthier options, according to a Chicago-based research firm. [NRN]

• Hormel Foods profits jumped this quarter partly thanks to the falling prices of corn, which the company uses for turkey feed. [Bloomberg].

The Dark Side Of Cheap Lobster; Starbucks Raises Prices