Taste Test

Taste Test: Absolut Boston

Photo: Jed Egan

Absolut Boston, a vodka inspired by our fair city, launches today. The vodka is Absolut’s third city-inspired spirit after New Orleans and Los Angeles, and is flavored with elderflower and black tea. The tea, says Absolut, is in reference to the Tea Party and the elderflower is there because “mixologists found that the elderflower balanced and enhanced the tea flavor.” Oddly enough, the bottle doesn’t reference any of this, instead going on at some length about the Green Monster: “In a city rich with monuments commemorating a nation, the one monument that stands above all others is a dented green wall, 37 feet tall, 240 feet long and some 310 feet from home plate down the left field line.” It’s very strange, and, frankly, as we found out when we got our hands on a sample bottle and had a little taste test with some folks around the office, so is the vodka’s flavor.

Tasting Notes
• “It smells medicinal.”
• “It smells like Gummi Bears.”
• “It smells like carrot cake.”
• “It’s easy to sip, but it has an unpleasant aftertaste.”
• “I definitely would not want a whole drink made of this.”
• “This would be a terrible hangover.”
• “Banana bread! That’s what it tastes like! Banana bread!”
• “It tastes a little like sweet tea. It would be more appropriate for a Southern city.”
• “Being a Boston vodka, does it stop getting you drunk at 2 a.m.?”
(politely) “Um, did they do test groups for this?”

Absolut Boston costs $24.99 for a one liter bottle and is available at liquor stores and bars city wide.

Taste Test: Absolut Boston