Summer Holidays

Summer Holiday Schedule: David Burke Townhouse Closing Tomorrow; Café Boulud, Chanterelle Mid-Month

The new Café Boulud, rendered.
The new Café Boulud, rendered. Photo: Courtesy of Café Boulud

In the restaurant business, the weeks of August and early September are as slow as they come, and various places around town take advantage of the lull in the name of rest and renovation. Per Se, a perennial summer-vacation taker, will stay open this year, but here are some places recharging for the busy fall season:

Café Boulud: Daniel Boulud’s Upper East Side clubhouse will close on August 16 for several weeks, aiming to reopen in “late September,” according to official word from DB’s camp today. The Feedbag has details and behold, a new rendering of the the renovated space is pictured here.

Chanterelle: As we’ve reported, the venerable Tribeca New American will close on Monday, August 17, for at least a couple of months for extensive renovation. A full bar will be added, and other touches to refresh and dress down the restaurant are planned.

David Burke Townhouse: Official word spread today that David Burke’s de-Donatella’d restaurant on East 61st Street will close tomorrow for a seemingly extensive overhaul. Both new menu and design are promised, when the restaurant opens “later this month.”

Bar Blanc Bistro: True to its pretentious European roots, Bar Blanc will take off still more time this year (it closed briefly for a dress down earlier this year), this time for its annual summer vacation. The place will be closed from September 2 through September 8.

The Blue Seats: Per Eater, the Lower East Side sports bar will be closed this week until Wednesday for some quick rehab, including the addition of a communal table up front.

Harbour: The nautically inclined restaurant will take off the last week of August, from the 24th through the 31st.

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Summer Holiday Schedule: David Burke Townhouse Closing Tomorrow; Café