Spoc’s Sausages Hit Westwood

Photo: Spoc’s Sausage Stand

Co-eds tired of kebabs and fast-food chains now have Spoc’s Sausage Stand to fill their bellies in Westwood. Grand opened Sunday by Samir Mohajer, owner of Cabbage Patch (and first chef of Rustic Canyon), Urban Daddy tells us the links come from local sausage-makers Papa Cantella’s with buns from LaBrea Bakery, though Squid Ink reports Mohajer wants to make the sausages in-house someday. Nine sausage selections so far include chicken, chile, and cilantro with grilled onions; smoked Portugese linguica; chicken and mango; and a honey-smoked brat, all around $3.50. After a spring and summer of burgers, we’re hoping Let’s Be Frank and Spoc’s are starting the next wave of designer dogs.

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Spoc’s Sausages Hit Westwood