Sneak Peek at Resurrection Ale House Menu

Resurrection Ale House, the latest project from the Memphis Taproom - Local 44 proprietors Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft, is on schedule to open the week of September 7 in the Grays Ferry location that formerly housed Yello’bar. Like all restaurant openings, this date is subject to possible PLCB or Health Department shenanigans, but Maida is feeling pretty confident it will happen on time. Chef Joe Chmiko, who is developing the menu, gave us a preview of some of the items they plan to serve. Right this way for watermelon rind pickles and twice-fried chicken, plus more details on the (lambic-centric!) beer list agenda.

House-made Pickles - watermelon rind, okra, cucumber, mango, peaches, red onions
Hard cooked eggs with smoked paprika and bocquerones
Corn and scallion griddle cakes, queso fresco and romesco sauce
Ratatouille with herbed crackers
Summer squash salad with arugula and lemon oil
Watermelon, cucumber and mixed basil salad
Red Chard Torte with pine nuts, currants and fiore sardo
Whole Grain Terrine with spiced tomato sauce
Hoisin Braised Pork Ribs with green cabbage slaw
Twice Fried Chicken with watermelon and salted honey
Potato Gnocchi with lobster, peas and pancetta
Pan Fried Oyster sandwich with horseradish cream and cucumber on pumpernickel
Mixed Sprouts with herbed bean spread in lavash

As for the beer, Maida tells us, “Brendan’s been hammering away at the bottled beer list, it’s going to lean pretty heavily on lambics, which is going to be a good match for a lot of the menu so far. The opening draft list is almost final, but a lot of that depends on availability. We’re headed tomorrow to Baltimore to pick up a keg of Resurrection Ale from Brewer’s Art for our opening night.”

Resurrection Ale House, Catharine St. at Grays Ferry Ave.

Sneak Peek at Resurrection Ale House Menu