SF Chefs.Food.Wine Ticket Winner Shares His Rising Star Picks

Photo: Courtesy of Charlie Chou

The results are in for our SF Chefs.Food.Wine ticket giveaway for the Rising Star Chefs reception. Our winner is Charlie Chou, 29, an attorney who lives in the Mission District. Charlie eats out about three to four times a week and says he learned a lot about food in San Francisco at a young age. “I remember going to Zuni Cafe with my mom when I was 10,” he told us. In addition to eating out, Charlie is interested in Japanese denim, Scotch and bourbon, Napa Valley Cabernet, and his new Playstation 3. Check out his picks for next year’s Rising Star Chefs below. If you didn’t win and you want to go to the reception for 10 percent off the $125 price tag, go to the website and enter the code “menupages09.”

Charlie’s picks, in his own words:

1. Phil West (Range): one of the most talented chefs in the city. Although he has earned a Michelin star for 3 years running, his name is an unknown commodity to the self-professed foodie community (people know Range but not West).

2. Anthony Myint (Mission Street Food): It is debatable whether Anthony’s food, in it of itself, should earn him Rising Star Chef honors. However, no person has had a more substantive impact on San Francisco dining in 2009 . Although it can be argued that other factors (e.g., the economy) contributed to the “perfect storm” that brought forth the gourmet street food craze sweeping San Francisco, Anthony was a prime catalyst and a prime mover when no one else in the city was even thinking about such a move.

3. Michael Black and Daniel Dunham (Sebo): The best sushi in san Francisco.

4. Jessica Boncutter (Bar Jules): Zuni Cafe 2.0.
SF Chefs.Food.Wine Ticket Winner Shares His Rising Star Picks