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Ron Howard Watches the Game; Larry David’s Good Taste

While most of the celebrity presence was on the Vineyard this weekend (it’s hard to deny the lure of the First Family!), the Hub was not without its luminaries. Larry David’s correct ordering at Summer Shack is particularly impressive, as is David Spade’s continued presence in Boston (didn’t Grown Ups wrap last week?). Check out the full list below.

BOND: Former Pats Ted Johnson and Christian Fauria drank cocktails. [Inside Track/Herald]

Bostone Pizza: David Spade and Norm MacDonald ordered multiple pies. [Inside Track/Herald]

Game On!: Ron Howard hung out with his family. [Inside Track/Herald]

Prezza: Talladega Nights star Leslie Bibb chowed down. [Inside Track/Herald]

Rumor: Donnie Wahlberg held a second 40th birthday party for himself. [Names/Globe]

Ruth’s Chris Steak House: Victor Martinez dined with his family. [Inside Track/Herald]

Summer Shack: Larry David ordered right: grilled sardines and pan-roasted lobster. [Inside Track/Herald]

UBurger: In two separate incidents, Denis Leary and White Sox player Mark Kotsay grabbed burgers. [Inside Track/Herald]

Umbria Prime: Ted Johnson and Christian Fauria partied in the VIP lounge. [Inside Track/Herald]

Ron Howard Watches the Game; Larry David’s Good Taste