Quagga Mussels Invade California; Robots Cooking Ramen in Japan

• California state and federal agencies are desperately hoping to contain an invasion of trillions of small quagga mussels, originally from the Ukraine. [SOSD]

• Robots serve as a ramen chef and assistant in a restaurant in Nagoya, Japan. [FOX]

• Following a hate-crime against a Jewish solider last fall, U.S. Army’s Fort Benning in Georgia is adding kosher food to its mess hall along with new religious services. [JTA]

• The Lake Tahoe area is experiencing a small epidemic of bears coming around for improperly stored food and pet food. [MN]

• After a bankruptcy scare, Gordon Ramsay is desperately trying to cut costs in his empire. [WSJ]

• The low cost of plastic wine bottles is making them an increasingly popular choice, though they come with a “drink by” date. [LAT]

• West Michigan is struggling to cope with contaminated wells after food processors like Bird’s Eye and Minute Maid have reportedly sprayed too much wastewater onto fields. [DFP]

• China experiences a bloom of organic gardens to counteract pollution. [LAT]

• A leading Australian economist suggests that strain on the world’s food supply will lead to increased human and international conflict. [Stock and Land]

• Urbanspoon is now making online reservations in Seattle and looks to be expanding to compete with OpenTable in more cities soon. [ReadWriteWeb via Eater]

Quagga Mussels Invade California; Robots Cooking Ramen in Japan