Recess Promises to ‘Bring Back Cool to Old City’, Starting September 12

Photo: Recess

Breaking its solemn vow never to mention his name on its hallowed pages, Foobooz points out that the curious internet phenomenon known as Arthur Kade has possibly broken news of a club opening. We dug around and discovered that as a source, Kade is, in fact, not bad - there is a club named Recess opening in Old City in the former Lounge 125 space at 125 South 2nd Street. We spoke with the club’s rep, Michelle Miller, who tells us that “the entire place is V.I.P.” Oh really?

Miller, who was short on details and long on mystery, promises that the nightclub, which will have an after-hours license, will cater to the “young, beautiful and fabulous” in Philadelphia. “We want to bring back cool to Old City. People have migrated up to Rittenhouse, but are getting tired of it. We want to bring Old City back to its heydey. We’d rather have 50 great people inside than to pack the place. We want it to be fun, we encourage people to dance on the furniture.”

There will not be an artisan cocktail list, in the style of that other under-the-radar nightspot, the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. The rep also promises “affordable” bottle service, “We won’t be charging $375 for a bottle of Grey Goose, we want people to be able to come in with a bunch of friends and stay til 3:30 and not have to worry about whether they can afford to get the second bottle.” So how much will they charge? Miller says she can’t say yet because she’s pushing the owners to go even lower on the price. And who are these owners? “A group of guys” whose names she is not at liberty to reveal because they are “still attached to other venues.”

The club officially opens on September 12.

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Recess Promises to ‘Bring Back Cool to Old City’, Starting September 12