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A.C. Food Fest Rant: Perrier’s Peculiar Pizza?

Mustard maven Georges Perrier
Mustard maven Georges Perrier Photo: Le Bec-Fin

Two New York Post writers traveled to Atlantic City for the gourmet pizza bash at the A.C. Food and Wine Festival and they did not have a very good time, to put it mildly. In a long-for-the-internet description of everything that went wrong, they rage about the drink tickets they had to pay for after they already shelled out $50 to attend the party, their inability to spot alleged event host Tom Colicchio anywhere and how hospitality workers in A.C. are unable to crack a smile. But they were really, really, REALLY mad that Georges Perrier was there and that he committed an ungloved and unforgivable pizza sin involving Dijon mustard.

Here’s how they described their horror:

There were a couple uneventful local pizzerias, but then there was Georges Perrier.

Georges Perrier. Mr. Le Bec-Fin. Mr. French Cooking. Mr. Best Restaurant in Philadelphia For The Last 100 Years, Or Whatever.

Standing there, muttering, refusing to make eye contact with the hungry hordes, dishing out miniscule squares of tomato and gruyere flatbread, slathered in dijon mustard. Mustard! And he was doing it with his bare hands. His BARE HANDS, Atlantic City.

Mustard on a pizza? That’s the sort of wrong-headedness you’d expect to find on a Tyler Florence menu, if Tyler Florence would ever open a restaurant instead of just being the errand boy for Applebees. Or, it could have been that the chef behind the table was very, very angry at having to be at an event celebrating something as pedestrian as pizza, in a casino. In Atlantic City.

Clearly, no one told the writers that Perrier has both a restaurant (Mia) in an Atlantic City casino (Caesar’s) AND a penchant for liberally applying both Gruyere and mustard to pedestrian foods that don’t deserve it, as he did with that sheezesteak.

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A.C. Food Fest Rant: Perrier’s Peculiar Pizza?