Paula Deen is Excited to Visit Boston

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Paula Deen is busy preparing to come to Boston, where she’ll be doing a cooking demonstration to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank. She also mentioned that she’ll be at the Food Bank tomorrow morning delivering 25,000 pounds (or 100,000 servings) of Smithfield premium ham to the food bank. Deen took some time out to talk to us about Boston accents, lobster, and what she’ll be cooking up here.

This is your first time in Boston! How do you like the city so far?
I’m actually in Knoxville, Tennessee right now. I won’t get to Boston until late this afternoon. I can’t wait to see Boston. I have actually heard some people compare her to Savannah, but it’s just larger. And I love the accent of Bostonians. I don’t know where I can go or where I should go, so I’m just going to rely on some folks there to lead me down the right path.

Where do you plan to eat?
I’m in Boston for such a short time! I know tonight I’m going to be at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and I hope sometime on Saturday that I get to sample some lobster. Because I do love lobster. I don’t think of Boston without thinking of a big fat Maine lobster.

What are you going to make for your show tonight?
I’m going to be trying to make some really Southern dishes. I have never been this far north, so I really want to do something very Southern. I’m making Farmer’s Pork Chops. It’s probably one of the most popular recipes from my first cookbook. It’s got layers of potatoes and pork with a white sauce. And I’m making Not Yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding. It’s the best no-cook recipe for banana pudding ever. You can make it with chessmen cookies or a good homemade shortbread cookie.

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Paula Deen is Excited to Visit Boston