North by Northwest Closed, Raw Sewage, Politics to Blame?

Photo: NXNW

Looks like shuttered Mount Airy club North by Northwest has closed and, according to an Inquirer expose will not reopen. We were shocked - shocked! - to read that there are all sorts of political shenanigans involved in the recent purchase of the club, which was being run by (but not owned by) the Bynum Brothers, who also operate Warmdaddy’s. The players: State Representative Dwight Evans, Convention Center president Ahmeenah Young and the nonprofit Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation. The drama involves the Philly politically-connected trifecta - back taxes, parking lot disputes and raw sewage! There’s also this brilliant quote from Young…

The reporter called Young for comment:

Young, reached at home, declined to address questions about North by Northwest.

She said she was recovering from a broken foot and needed “to get back in the whirlpool.”

“Thank you for letting me know what your story is about, but my primary concern right now is my foot,” she said.

Nonprofit’s Mount Airy Venture fizzles [The Inquirer]

North by Northwest Closed, Raw Sewage, Politics to Blame?