Mr. Chow to Philippe: What Happened to All That ‘Brave Talk’?

So riveting was the last turn in the drama between Philippe and Mr. Chow (a spy in the kitchen!) that we were somewhat disappointed when we received the latest statement from Mr. Chow, addressing the motion to dismiss that Philippe filed last week. The statement amounts to more “he said, she said,” or “Chow said, Chau said,” if you will, but if you’re enjoying these volleys as much as we are, by all means read on.

Says Mr. Chow’s attorney Alan Kluger:

It’s telling that the Defendants’ motion relies almost entirely on legal technicalities. Despite their comments in the press over the last few weeks, Defendants failed to offer any defense in their court papers to the evidence that Chak Yam Chau is not who he says he is and was never executive chef or head chef at MR CHOW. The Defendants also fail to respond to the facts in the lawsuit showing they engaged in intentionally misleading and confusing advertising tactics by purchasing search engine sponsored links for “MR CHOW” that divert searchers to Philippe instead of MR CHOW. They offer no defense to the fact that, by Defendant Morfogen’s own admission, 60 to 70% of the Philippe menu consists of MR CHOW signature dishes with only slightly altered names. Nor do they try to explain how the MR CHOW signature dishes, that they call their “money dishes” or their “30-year-old cult classics,” could be their dishes when those signature dishes have been on MR CHOW’s menu for 41 years since he created them, more than 15 years before Chak Yam Chau started to work for MR CHOW. Finally, Defendant Morfogen doesn’t even attempt to back up his claim in the press that they are staying away from MR CHOW even while they opened 100 yards away from our new location in Miami, and will soon be opening in Los Angeles. After all the brave talk from Defendants in the media, their silence on these key points in their court papers speaks volumes.

Over to you, Morfogen.

Mr. Chow to Philippe: What Happened to All That ‘Brave Talk’?