Menu Changes

Mission Street Food Goes Daily

We knew this moment would come: Mission Street Food has finally started selling on the daily. Pick up a beef and/or vegan burger and fries any day but Thursday (when you can visit the full-fledged MSF at night) over the counter at Duc Loi supermarket at 18th and Mission streets. They sell from noon till supplies run out. Mission Mission gave both burgers a try, pronouncing the vegan burger “the jam” and the meat burger “amazingly delicious.” Check the menu listings below (courtesy of MSF), and consider swinging by for lunch today.

Beef Burger: 1/3 lb of aged Harris Ranch brisket, short rib and chuck, granulated* and seared in beef fat. Served with Monterey jack, caramelized onion and caper aioli on a griddled acme bun - $8

Vegan Burger: maitake, shitake, roasted kale, edamame, scallion, sesame seed and fava-chickpea patty. Served with avocado and miso “mayo”** on a griddled acme bun - $7

Fries - $2

* granulation is our term for the process popularized by Heston Blumenthal, a Michelin 3-star chef based in London. Blumenthal combines strands of ground meat to create a loosely grained “meat column” (not Blumenthal’s phrase), then slices the column into patties. The result is, well, a delicacy.

** like traditional mayonaise this is an emulsion, but we’re using seaweed instead of egg yolks.

Mission Street Food Presents: Mission Burger

Mission Street Food Goes Daily