Mercury Is Everywhere; Mr. West to Shutter

• A new federal study found mercury in every single fish tested at 291 streams across the nation, though only a quarter had levels above what the FDA classifies as safe to eat. [NYP]

Mr. West will shutter next month and be turned into a Japanese restaurant. [NYP]

• High-fiber foods are making a comeback in response to consumer demand. [WSJ]

• Faced with falling demand for their product, some tobacco farmers are turning to winemaking. [WSJ]

• Beverly Eggleston, who supplies pigs to many of the city’s top restaurants, including Blue Hill and the Momofukus, recently had his runs interrupted by a stay in the Tombs owing to an old citation. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• The use of food stamps has been linked to weight gain, particularly among women. [NYDN]

• Three Queens supermarkets were sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission yesterday for essentially refusing to hire women in any position besides cashier. [City Room/NYT]

• Taco Bell will soon introduce a new breakfast menu. [NYDN]

• Italian banks may soon start accepting prosciutto and pricey wine as loan collateral for food producers. [Guardian UK]

• One East Village food truck is selling suits alongside street meat. [EV Grieve]

Mercury Is Everywhere; Mr. West to Shutter