Lucky Devils Defends Itself Against Boycott Call

Photo: Lucky Devils

Actress/Blogger Aimercat (nee Amy Harber) of Isn’t She Lovely wants diners to boycott Hollywood burger joint Lucky Devil’s, claiming she was harangued about her appearance when showing up for her first day of work. Harber claims she was pointedly asked to put on make-up and that comments were suggested about her weight and looks that caused her to leave the Hollywood Blvd. storefront, call a few lawyers, and start her digital screams of “boycott.” We talked this afternoon with Devils’ owner Lucky Vanous who spoke through his frustration about the internet’s “1,000 ways to f— you over.”

Lucky says the girl looked to have the “dynamic, professional whole-package appearance” that the restaurant desires in a server, looking “crispy-clean with a quirky flair” during the interview she passed, but then came to work looking like she’d been partying for days, and “had not gotten out of bed. Her hair was greasy beyond belief and she was in a dirty brown t-shirt. Quite frankly, she looked a little whacked.” He claims he was shocked that any hire would come to a first shift looking like they’re “hanging out in a dorm room,” and more surprised by the girl’s disbelief when he tried to gently address her unsuitable new look. “She looked at me and said ‘what are you talking about,’ like she was dressed for the opera. But her appearance was unacceptable in a restaurant.”

Vanous goes to lengths to defend his hiring practices, “everybody wants a clean appearance from the people serving food at their table. Still, we have no specific requirements, and never have we tried to hire ‘super-hotties’ or anything. Our first year everyone had button-down long-sleeved shirts. No one here wears make-up like a prostitute or resembles one, either.

Vanous continues, “I told her it would be no embarrassment if she wanted to come back the next day and try again. I apologized a lot to her and told her we were still excited about having [her] here. Please feel free to speak with any of my employees past or present about how we handle hiring here.”

While Sinosoul, who related Aimercat’s original claims to us, feels the burgers should be enough to ward eaters off, so far the blogosphere has produced no effect on Lucky Devils’ sales or visits.

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Lucky Devils Defends Itself Against Boycott Call