Lobstermen Feuding in Maine

Just insert Stringer Bell.
Just insert Stringer Bell. Photo: takomabibelot

A tiny Maine island has suffered its second outbreak of lobsterman-on-lobsterman crime in two weeks, reports the Globe. On July 20, one Matincus Island man shot another in the neck over a dispute about lobster traps. Early yesterday morning, three more Matinicus men had their boats’ rubber hoses cut in another turf dispute. Two of the boats had already sunk by the time their owners found them. Almost unbelievably, the two incidents, both of which took place on an island of 51 people, are unconnected. This means that ten percent of the population of Matinicus Island has been directly affected by the turf disputes, leading us to picture life on the island as a sort of rural version of The Wire. Local retired lobsterman Donald McMahan Sr. is working on a theory to explain all the strife: “We haven’t quite figured it out. You’ve got some idiots here is what you’ve got.”

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Lobstermen Feuding in Maine