L.A. Truck Heartschallenger Settles in Nolita

Heartschallenger outside Desalvio Playground.
Heartschallenger outside Desalvio Playground. Photo: Alexandra Vallis

L.A.’s ice-cream, Asian-candy, and colorful-trinket truck, Heartschallenger, has been planning a New York operation since last summer, but founders Leyla Safai (a former interior designer) and Ben Pollock (a musician) couldn’t negotiate a deal with the Parks Department until now. Look for the truck through winter outside the Desalvio Playground on Spring Street, near Mulberry. The couple also wants to add a second truck to avoid abandoning the streets when called upon for private parties. Considering the nostalgic whimsy the truck traffics in — like mochi, melon popsicles, and heart-shaped sunglasses — Williamsburg may seem like a more likely spot. But Chi Heralda, who was manning the truck on Sunday, says the Heartschallenger truck ran into trouble on an initial visit to McCarren Park: “A man ran out swinging a bat and started screaming at us to get out of there.”

Chi Heralda mans the Heartschallenger.
L.A. Truck Heartschallenger Settles in Nolita