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Chef Joey Morelli Feeds Meat To Unwitting Vegetarians

Fun story: nascent reality star Joey Morelli, chef/owner of Joey’s Brickhouse, used to sneak meat into the food of one of his vegetarian staffers:

Dana had easy target written all over her. So I take most of the blame, since I antagonized her with my all-time favorite game, “Taunt the Vegetarian.” Here’s how it goes… Strategically hide chicken in Dana’s vegetable lasagna; explain to her, over chocolate milk, how no animal is treated worse than the milking cow; put chicken stock in her tomato soup; repeat.

Okay, so it was many years ago. And Morelli tells the story to illustrate what a bad manager he was during his first year of running a restaurant. And, admittedly, we’d be lying if we said we’d never casually fantasized about doing this to certain particularly evangelical acquaintances of ours. But to actually have the cojones (and viciousness) to up and do it — wow. Just wow.

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Chef Joey Morelli Feeds Meat To Unwitting Vegetarians