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Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Lucky Break

Photo: Fox

Andy Husbands missed elimination by a hair on last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen. After a service so nightmarish that Gordon Ramsay shut it down in the middle, Sabrina and the Tremont 647 chef were put up for elimination. As much as we hate to say it, of those two, Andy was the clear choice to let go. In the low-calorie cooking challenge, he created a dessert Ramsay hated (really? egg-white crepes?), resulting in a blue team loss, and during service, he was unable to follow Ramsay’s expediting (which, in all fairness, does sound like an auctioneer) and quickly became weeded.

At the last minute, however, Ramsay made the surprise decision to instead eliminate Andy’s buddy Jim for his lack of passion, saving Andy, but condemning us to another week of watching Hell’s Kitchen.

• After the blue team lost the challenge, they had to prep for the women’s service, as well as their own. Halfway through, sous chef Scott told them they had to go pick up some extra ingredients…on a hilarious six-person bicycle. It was fully humiliating, and probably the best moment of the season. Unfortunately, the exertion caused Robert to go to the emergency room, so probably this is not something they should have made a morbidly obese person do.

• The amateur hour moment of the week came from Amanda, while discussing low-calorie cooking: “I don’t know how to make food flavorful with less calories.” As Gordon might say, you are a chef, madam!

• Sexism watch! Why did there need to be a sequence of the women putting on their bikinis?

• Gordon Ramsay fully solidified our belief that he is essentially Tyra Banks when he eliminated Jim for, essentially, not wanting it enough - the same reason that fells several contestants each season on America’s Next Top Model.

Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Lucky Break