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Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Back on Track

Photo: Fox

Last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen was Andy Husbands’ most successful yet. Not only did the Tremont 647 chef not bungle a single dish, but he actively killed it, producing a great plate of fried catfish, mac and cheese, and collard greens during the first challenge, and working with once-nemesis Van to slam out all the appetizers in short order during service. This led to a solid win for the blue team, but the red team was not so lucky, and Tek was sent home. Below, a few more thoughts on the episode.

• The episode centered around making dinner for a returning Iraq veteran. Call us crazy, but going to a restaurant where people will be screaming and tables will have to wait forever to get their food does not sound like a relaxing homecoming. We’d be worried about post-traumatic stress disorder. From eating in Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen’s announcer has got to be one of the more loathsome on all of reality television. Why must he pause dramatically before revealing plot points during the “Previously on Hell’s Kitchen” segment? Why does he follow the extended opening credits to the show with “And now, the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen“? The announcer’s “finest” moment, however, came after service with “Tonight’s dinner service was another high point in Hell’s Kitchen.” Was it? Was it, really?

• Sexism watch! Kevin, after the veteran’s wife chose the red team’s salad over the blue team’s bouillabaisse: “Give a woman a salad, she’s gonna pick it nine out of ten times.” Robert referred to the women’s team as “those bitches.” Also, the challenge rewards and punishments are oddly gendered. Somehow, we doubt that, had the red team won the first challenge, they’d be flying fighter jets while the men redecorated.

• Speaking of letting the men fly fighter jets, that seems like a spectacularly terrible idea.

• Our apologies for last week when, as two commenters pointed out, we confused baldies contestant Kevin and sous chef Scott.

• Next week, per the announcer, “Dinner service is a trainwreck.” So…it’ll be just like every episode ever?

Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Back on Track