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Hell’s Kitchen: A Triumph for Andy

Photo: Fox

Despite being pulled into the bottom three by Gordon Ramsay, Andy Husbands was not eliminated on last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen. To make matters sweeter for the Tremont 647 chef, his nemesis Robert was sent home after telling Andy to “suck a dick” several times, telling Ramsay he was insulted to be in the same group as Andy, and generally, being horrible. Andy’s past performance put him in the bottom three, but he actually conducted himself well this week, being one of only two blue team chefs who escaped Ramsey’s wrath. Below, a few more thoughts.

• Things that should not have to be said in a professional kitchen: “Let’s try to remove the plastic wrap [from the fish] before we give it to the customers.” Things that definitely should not happen in a professional kitchen after that warning: the customers getting plastic wrap-covered fish. And yet! Both happened in the blue team’s kitchen last night, so nice job, Van.

• Why does Ramsay ask for a bottom two if he doesn’t care? Almost every week he calls someone up who wasn’t nominated. Dude, once is a shocking twist, but every week is just dull.

• “Yes, I had a bad service, but I don’t deserve to go home tonight” is the “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win” of Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen: A Triumph for Andy