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Grant Achatz Cooks Like Miles Davis Plays Jazz

Alinea managing partner Nick Kokonas is blogging over at geekery website Gizmodo this week, part of their “Taste Test” week of food-meets-tech content. To launch, he introduces readers to the concepts behind Alinea — and compares his first taste of chef Grant Achatz’s food to hearing a young Miles Davis play:

Let’s bend history a bit and pretend it is 1948 and a 22-year-old Miles Davis is playing in a small club in suburban New York…You sit down, the music starts, and you are certain that you hear the future of jazz right there: Different colors, different cadence, the same yet somehow different—modern but still accessible.

Make of that analogy what you will, but the accompanying video — filmed as the intro for the Tokyo Taste Summit from early 2009 — definitely paints an eerily jazz-like abstract, hypnotic picture of the restaurant’s goings-on.

Sorry! This video no longer exists.

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Grant Achatz Cooks Like Miles Davis Plays Jazz