Soho House Discourages Suits; Jennifer LeRoy Sued

Tavern on the Green owner Jennifer LeRoy is being sued by her former assistant, who charges that she was fired for being pregnant. [NYP]

• After discouraging ties earlier this year, Soho House is now asking members not to wear suits on the roof. [Gawker]

• Residents of Harlem’s expensive 111 Central Park North condos are very unhappy about a proposed McDonald’s on the building’s ground floor. [NYP]

• After hot-dog vendor Pasang Sherpa lost his prime spot outside the Met, fellow Met hot-dog vendor Dan Rossi gave him a job at his cart. [NYDN]

• As home cooking skyrockets owing to the recession, long-dormant market segments like coffee and baking goods are on the rise. [Ad Age]

• Urbanspoon is now making online reservations in Seattle and looks to be expanding to take on OpenTable in more cities soon. [ReadWriteWeb via Eater]

• World food prices have stabilized, with no drop in sight. [Reuters]

• Ground beef from Beef Packers Inc. is being recalled in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Utah. [NYT]

• Zone Manhattan, a delivery service for Zone Diet meals, is doing well even in the recession. [Crain’s]

• The inexpensiveness of plastic wine bottles is making them an increasingly popular choice, but they come with a “drink by” date. [LAT]

Soho House Discourages Suits; Jennifer LeRoy Sued