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Food Truck Wait Times

If you want to observe nearly the entire convoy of in-fashion food trucks (for the legends, explore our new street food map), a stroll through Abbot-Kinney’s First Fridays allows a comprehensive look at many of the noted players. As we strolled the pork pie hat-heavy block last week, we checked in on the following four food truck lines around 8 p.m. to see how long patrons awaited their meals, and it wasn’t always pretty:

Barbie’s-Q: These brisket and pulled pork-slingers had the most efficient system of taking orders in line, employing a coordinator to get food to those who awaited. Guests ordered and received food within fifteen minutes.

Fish Lips Sushi: The biggest waiting disaster we witnessed. The last couple in line had been reportedly waiting 40 minutes, with the same guy still at the front of the line and no communication from the cooks.

Kogi: The lines looked endless, with patrons reporting 30 minute waits to place orders and another 20 to be fed. The police even shut down the entire street adjacent to Kogi for about ten minutes to direct traffic, cause unknown, more chaos .

Marked 5: The thick crowds surrounding the Japanese burger truck placed orders and received food back within 30 minutes, keeping a decent flow of traffic.

Food Truck Wait Times