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Food Carts Clog Dolores Park

Or friend and occasional correspondent Alexis Wright spent a day in Dolores Park over the weekend and concludes, “this whole food cart thing is out of control.” Still, she gave her seal of approval to some of the newest vendors who have only come on the scene in the last few weeks. Check below for a quick overview of some Grub Street favorite newcomers to the street food scene. For more street food photos, take a look at our Flickr pool.

Adobo Hobo came on the scene earlier this month serving adobo chicken and rice. They’ve gotten some attention (and Alexis’s approval) for serving that increasingly rare thing in the street food community: Inexpensive ethnic food.

Sweet Ride might be the best looking. They’re a big pink bakery van whose strawberry cupcakes Alexis couldn’t seem to get enough of. She even forgave them for being cupcakes.

• Competing with Sweet Ride was the human-powered Sweet Cart, which had red velvet cupcakes and cheesecake. Seems a little tricky to do cheesecake on the go, but if that Curtis guy can do Creme Brulee, why not?

• Finally, there was a brand newbie selling chai tea as the Chai Lady. She’s not even online yet on Twitter/Facebook, of course, and was only on her fourth day of selling, but Alexis dutifully drank up her cardamom and pronounced it good.

Food Carts Clog Dolores Park