More Restaurant-Happy Celebs; Best of Philly Map

• Reese and Jake hit Panda Bar in University City, Owen Wilson returns to Parc for a late-night beer. Clearly Owen needs our help. [The Insider]

• Foobooz maps out Philly mag’s Best of Philly picks for 2009. [Foobooz]

• Beginning next year, Whole Foods will refocus its mission on educating customers about healthy eating. [WSJ]

• The new Dallas Cowboys stadium will offer a large pizza for $90. [The Sporting Blog/Sporting News]

• Fast food companies are very unhappy about proposed national legislation that would require chains to post calorie counts on their menus. [Chicago Tribune]

• Haagen-Dazs is launching a new campaign to educate consumers about Colony Collapse Disorder, the mysterious syndrome plaguing bees. [Ad Age]

• After many Indian farmers abandoned sugar growing when prices fell last year, the country is facing a sugar shortage. [NYT]

More Restaurant-Happy Celebs; Best of Philly Map