Flinging Burgers In Oak Lawn; Morale-Boosting Gardens

• An Oak Lawn man has been arrested for throwing a sack of hamburgers and a milkshake at the McDonald’s employees who had just served them to him. [The Stew]

• Some small businesses are investing in vegetable gardens as a way to boost employee morale. [WSJ]

Gourmet honchos are hoping the magazine’s new show Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth will boost ad sales. [Reuters]

• The Chairman from Iron Chef America will compete this season on Dancing with the Stars. [Eat Me Daily]

Top Chef will release a second cookbook this fall, as well as a trivia game. [Publishers’ Weekly via Eater]

• Consumers’ newfound desire to save money yet treat themselves is a “perfect storm” for boutique beers. [Reuters]

• A new study finds that a significant number of adults over 50 are binge drinking. [NYP]

• While most chain restaurants are offering deep discounts to target the broadest possible audience, Panera Bread is keeping prices steady and focusing on “the 90% who are still employed.” [WSJ]

Flinging Burgers In Oak Lawn; Morale-Boosting Gardens