Fish to Open September 9, Mom Joining the Crew

Photo: Little Fish

Fish, the second restaurant from Little Fish’s chef-owner Mike Stollenwerk is on track for a September 9 opening. The restaurant, which is going into the former Astral Plane (and briefly, ChriStevens) space at 1708 Lombard Street, will have - unlike Little Fish - both a liquor license and, Stollenwerk promises, a few non-seafood items on the menu. We checked in with the chef yesterday to see how everything was progressing and he hooked us with a few tasty morsels.

Stollenwerk will be manning the kitchen at Fish and will hand over the reigns of Little Fish to his longtime sous chef Chad Jenkins. Fish’s menu - which will be divided into raw, cold, hot and sweet sections, will not replicate Little Fish’s, but there may be some crossover or trading of signature dishes like his skate with truffle spaetzle. “We’ll split ‘em up,” says Stollenwerk, “like getting custody of the kids.” And about that sweet section - in a kind of adorable move, Stollenwerk’s has recruited his mother, who has been training in pastry arts for the past year in New York, as pastry chef.

In another interesting real estate geek note, Stollenwerk says that this location was not his first choice. “We were looking at the former Sovalo space for like six months, but we didn’t feel the area. I’m not sure what the market is for seafood down there. Then the owner of Astral called us and said it was available and that was it.” The Sovalo space is now going to be Kong, which opens this Saturday August 15.

Check back for fish’s menu later this week.

fish, 1708 Lombard St.

Fish to Open September 9, Mom Joining the Crew