Eve To Launch Weekend Brunch In September

These calm, soothing blue walls are perfect for eating breakfast in front of.
These calm, soothing blue walls are perfect for eating breakfast in front of. Photo:

As habitual brunchers, we’re always grateful when a restaurant capitulates to the hangover crowd and starts putting their own creative spin on the eggs benedict. But it always kills us a little bit when we learn that the brunch in question are a Sundays-only proposition (coughpublicancough). So it is pleasing to us that Eve is opening its doors to the Saturday brunch crowd as well as the more conventional Sunday crew. The downside: brunch service doesn’t start for two weeks, until September 5. The upside: baked eggs with chorizo, poblano cream, and a crispy tortilla, a design-your-own omelette scenario including inspired choices like duck confit and soppresatta, and chef Troy Graves’s rightfully famous lamb burger. Read on for the full menu.

Eve’s Brunch Menu
Launching September 5; served Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Lobster Benedict with prosciutto and pesto hollandaise - $14.00
Waffle with buttermilk fried chicken, tasso ham and crawfish gravy - $12.00
Daily quiche - $10.00
Scramble with broccoli, white Cheddar, heirloom tomato jam - $9.00
Baked eggs with chorizo, poblano cream and crispy tortilla - $11.00
Skillet with shrimp, applewood-smoked bacon, mushrooms and goat cheese - $12.00
Omelette your way (pick any three) - $10.00
Vegetables: broccoli, mushroom, spinach, roasted pepper Meats: duck confit, sopressata, smoked bacon, shrimp Cheeses: aged Cheddar, Grana Padano, provolone, goat

Greens with Maytag blue cheese, pine nuts, cranberry vinaigrette - $8.00
Chopped salad with grilled chicken, sopressata, Maytag blue cheese, tarragon-garlic vinaigrette - $12.00
Maine lobster bisque with green papaya, pineapple, vanilla emulsion - cup: $5.00 / bowl: $10.00
Roasted carrot and English pea puree with pickled ginger crème fraîche - cup: $4.00 / bowl: $8.00

Turkey with provolone, pesto, tomato and roasted garlic polenta - $11.00
Dukkah-crusted lamb burger with dried apricot, avocado, feta and harissa aïoli - $14.00
Crab salad with pancetta, leaf lettuce, sun-dried tomato aïoli and roasted garlic polenta - $14.00
Eve burger with Brie, port onions, stone-ground mustard - $12.00

Blueberry-chocolate pancakes - $8.00
Brioche French toast with spiced apple chutney - $10.00
Hand-cut fries - $4.00
Applewood-smoked bacon - $4.00
Chipotle buffalo sausage - $6.00
Mac ‘n’ cheese - $5.00

Eve To Launch Weekend Brunch In September