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Dorado Charms; Mistral Delights

A selection from Dorado, via the <a href=Grub Street Boston Flickr Pool" width="330" height="412" style="width:100%;height:auto;" fetchPriority="high">
A selection from Dorado, via the Grub Street Boston Flickr Pool Photo: rknrll/Flickr

Dorado Tacos & Cemitas: “charming, provided you’re not in a rush” with “quite good” food. [New England Eating]

• Everything you’ve heard about both the prices and the quality of food at Mistral is true: both are through the roof. [Food and Wine With a Story]

• More on Dorado: the cemitas are hearty, delicious, and cheap. [Brookline TAB Blog]

• Barbara Lynch on how she gets her five year old to eat peas: “I always tell her that if she eats a lot of peas, she will be 6 faster than anyone else.” [FoodieMommy]

• The “true star” at The Lansdowne is the fish and chips. [Chowder/BoMag]

Dorado Charms; Mistral Delights