Competitive Cooking Heats Up the Weekend

Photo: Via SF Food Wars

If you aren’t satisfied just to languidly wander the streets at the San Francisco Street Food Festival, there seems to be a host of higher-octane, showdown-style events this weekend. These all came to us via Mission Mission, and the street food festival is in the Mission, so really is there any other neighborhood to be in this weekend? No, there is not.

• On Sunday, SF Food Wars hosts a macaroni and cheese cook-off at Stable Cafe. Space is limited to 20 contestants, so you probably can’t enter, but you can pay your $10 to eat as much mac and cheese as you can hold and then vote. Worth it. [SF Food Wars]

• As part of its 39th anniversary party Sunday, neighborhood newspaper El Tecalote is hosting the Battle of the Empanadas, pitting Venga Empanadas and Chile Lindo in a match to the death. [Mission Mission]

• Start cooking your chile and working on your kick flips now. Next Sunday there’s a combination chili cookoff and skate contest in Potrero Del Sol park. Skating at noon, chili at 2 p.m. [Mission Mission]

• And don’t forget, San Francisco has a team at the World Culinary Contest in Taipei right now. The Hotel Nikko’s Philippe Striffeler heads the group of five chefs, assisted by California Culinary Academy students. Wish them luck. [SF Gate]

Competitive Cooking Heats Up the Weekend