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Channel Cafe Rocks; Ali’s Roti Full of Love

Crostini at Channel Cafe
Crostini at Channel Cafe Photo: Channel Cafe

• Devra First is on vacation this week, but Sheryl Julian’s still here and she’s covering Cheap Eats with a visit to Channel Cafe: “If I lived in Fort Point Channel, you’d probably find me at Channel Cafe several times a week. Actually, I’d probably take my laptop and move in.” [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau is also on vacation, but MC Slim JB is holding down the fort. He feasts on Trinidadian cuisine at Ali’s Roti in Roxbury where “it’s easy to feel the love in the cooking.” [Phoenix]

• Mat Schaffer loves Rowes Wharf Sea Grille and gives it an A-: “Finally, the waterfront can take pride in a seafood restaurant.” [Herald]

Channel Cafe Rocks; Ali’s Roti Full of Love