Butchers: So Hot Right Now

Photo: Savenors

Butchery is enjoying a comeback in Boston. The Herald has a writeup of the trend, which has customers flocking to shops like Lionette’s, Hamdi Market, and Savenors. New Yorkers have been buzzing about butchers with groupies since last year (so much so that Grub Street New York has already thoroughly deconstructed the “sexy butcher” trend story), but this is the first we’ve heard of the butcher obsession coming north. The time is right, however: aside from the sexiness factor and increased interest in neighborhood buying that the Herald cites, there’s a move toward whole animals by several of the city’s chefs, including Will Gilson at Garden at The Cellar and Jamie Bissonnette at the forthcoming Coppa. Our picks for cult butchers to watch: The Butcher Shop’s Jericha Strickland and Victoria Kelly.

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Butchers: So Hot Right Now