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Burgermania Reaches Point of Absurdity: ‘The Burger Art Show’

As if it wasn’t enough that burgers have become an object of gourmet fascination (the Feedbag is not looking forward to watching that played out on tonight’s episode of Top Chef), they’re now also the stuff of art. On Saturday, a group of artists will gather at a Brooklyn gallery to make art-themed burgers. Case in point: the Bernini Burger, in honor of seventeenth-century sculptor Gian Lrenzo Bernini. Check out the artist’s statement (yes, the artist’s statement about a hamburger).

This burger conveys a sense of motion, the suppleness of its materials, and a dramatic flair. A beef patty, fleshy and rounded, surmounted by flowing draperies of prosciutto, a cloud of goat cheese, and a splash of the finest extra-virgin olive oil. St. Teresa herself never felt such an ecstasy as this burger will provide.

And if the creations of these budding “sandwich artists” don’t sit well, we’re sure there’ll be a Marcel Duchamp–themed toilet bowl on hand.

The Burger Group Show [Landromat Gallery via Brooklyn Based]

Burgermania Reaches Point of Absurdity: ‘The Burger Art Show’