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Bricco’s Liberal Use of ‘Tini’

An actual martini
An actual martini Photo: wickenden/Flickr

Bricco tells us they’ve added three new cocktails to the menu. Let’s take a look.

The Ty-tini: A tangy blend of Ty Ku liqueur, pinnacle citrus, fresh lime with a splash of soda water. If it involves soda water, it is definitely not a martini and should not have the “tini” appended to it. “Tini” is not a catchall synonym for “cocktail”, but rather, part of the word “martini.”

The Roq Candy-tini: Hypnotiq, Kettle One vodka, fresh lemon juice garnished with rock candy Also not a martini.

The Hendrick’s Gin Martini,: a blend of Hendrick’s gin, a splash of dry vermouth finished with a twist of lemon. Finally, the term martini is used correctly, but we question whether this is really a new cocktail per se, since it’s just a specific brand in a classic drink.

Bricco’s Liberal Use of ‘Tini’