Brazilian Cone Pizza: The Taste Test

Despite our all-consuming urge to sample the Brazilian cone pizza now being served at Rio Bonito in Long Island City, another site, I Dream of Pizza, has beat us to it, and their report from the scene is so gruesome that we’re almost dissuaded.

After a five minute wait, I was handed some previously frozen cone-shaped crust, filled with bland pepperoni and a glob of cheese that can only be described as tasting worse than the worst kosher mozzarella I’ve ever had. It was near rancid, almost tofu-cheese bad. For some inexplicable reason there were bits of onion mixed throughout the cheese (I hate onions on my pizza when they’re not red or caramelized), and the sauce was pooled at the bottom, a la the nice chocolate bit at the bottom of a King Cone.

Brutal. Then again — are you reading this, Domino’s?

Cone Pizza In Queens - Innovative But “Rancid” [I Dream of Pizza]

Brazilian Cone Pizza: The Taste Test