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Bleeding Heart Bakery Lands A TV Pilot!

Michelle Garcia, future TV star
Michelle Garcia, future TV star Photo: Bleeding Heart Bakery

It was only a matter of time before television came calling: the folks at Bleeding Heart Bakery are mediagenic in a panoply of ways, from their all-organic ethos to their seriously impressive punk hairdos. Now Planet Green, the Discovery Channel’s eco-offshoot, is reporting that a reality series based on the goings-on at the Roscoe Village storefront might be coming to their screen:

Bleeding Heart is the nation’s first totally organic bakery. The bakery is dedicated to delivering organic, sustainable, and delicious food but it’s certainly not Betty Crocker’s shop. Maintaining order among the tattooed, pierced, and sometimes unruly staff is a major challenge, to say nothing of the difficulties of starting and running a small business. Watch as the unbleached flour flies in this exciting reality series.

Planet Green has the show listed under the name “Bake and Destroy,” but Natalie Slater (of the blog of the same name) clarifies that it’s just a working title. In a note to the blog Cupcakes Take the Cake, Bleeding Heart owner Michelle Garcia spills even more:

It really is reality, which is cool. It basically is about the day to day operations of running this business, trying to stay at the top of our gaming in the eco world, sourcing better and better organic and locally farmed ingredients, employee issues, product integrity, creative development and staying sane with two toddlers on my part and one on [Natalie Slater]’s part. Her role is just her being her, blogging and showing me the computer world of advertising and social media. It’s a fun show and so far, looks good.

We caught up with someone involved in the show, who confirms that not only is all this legit, but it looks likely to get picked up for a real run — in our source’s words, “it’s like Ace of Cakes, but more awesome.”

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Bleeding Heart Bakery Lands A TV Pilot!