Beer Goes Academic; Padma’s Slimming Secrets

• O’Hare and Midway are considering changing their liquids policy: instead of having consumers throw away their water bottles, they’ll pour them out and refill them inside security. [Sun-Times]

• With beer’s growing popularity, “beer schools” are popping up to help consumers appreciate the drink the way they might approach wine. [Tribune]

• Padma Lakshmi’s shocking secret for staying thin: she works out. [NYT]

• Kogi’s founder Mark Manguera is in talks with RoadStove to start a consulting business for street food trucks. [LAT]

Top Chef has created a branded wine called Quickfire. [Yumsugar]

• A judge has barred the ex-wife and daughter of a Gucci heir from selling Gucci-branded gelato. [NYP]

• Environmentalists are unhappy about a 8,320 acre proposed solar farm in the Mojave Desert. [Green Inc/NYT]

Beer Goes Academic; Padma’s Slimming Secrets